beauty content & collaboration

beauty tools, skincare, makeup & style

Over the past few years I have been collaborating with Brands to trial skincare, makeup & beauty tools, I've also created imagery with other product and fashion from around the World.  I only collaborate with Brands I think are a good fit for my demographic, those that I think my peers might garner some inside information.  I’m always excited to try a new line, giving myself a good time frame to trial so I can come to an honest opinion about how I think it works for me.  Creating beauty content be it, imagery, application videos or flatlays totally float my boat.

When it comes to beauty I'm a one stop shop, I do my own hair & makeup, light and shoot myself, for stills and video.


I am also available to shoot and style bulk beauty content for your socials.


All the images you see here are mine.

Contact me to discuss how we could partner,