Over the past few years, I’ve collaborated with some incredible brands to try their skincare & beauty tools, I’m always excited by a new product or line, giving myself a good time frame to trial. 

I love to deep dive into ingredients and their efficacy so I can really be authentic about my results. I’m not someone who takes on board any collaboration, I reject more than I accept because I really want to partner with brands I think are aligned with mid-life women. 

As someone who has chosen to Embrace Age I'm a clean slate, not perfect, just striving to be my best self and that’s all I really want for other women, for them to be their best selves, to age with confidence. Not defy age or, just accept it grudgingly, but to be more than, not less.

When it comes to beauty content I do my own hair & makeup, light and shoot myself, for stills and video, I can create reels or speak directly to camera for an IGTV…so open to discussing what might work for you. 


Don't want my face? All good, I'm available to shoot and style beauty content for your socials or website as well. 

Visit my still life content folder to view my product work.

*all images photographed by mel brady

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