I adore my Federation home and the beautiful morning light that streams through its windows, it’s the perfect place to shoot product! Don't worry I can light as well, but those golden rays of sunshine and the shadows they make dancing up and down my set, well, it's pure magic.

Got something you'd like me to work magic on? I’d love to chat with you about how I could shoot it, either here in my home or on location, are you in Tassie? Got grapes? Love to shoot them on the vine, into production and the bottle, at your cellar door then on to my table, never a glass-half-empty in my house.


I’m open to coming to you if you’re in Tassie, if you’re not, then let’s zoom and figure out a creative brief, send me your product and I can guarantee you I’ll make it shine. 

There isn’t anything I won’t attempt to make beautiful, food, wine, spirits, homewares, decorator or fashion, be it one shot or bulk content I never run out of ideas.


*all images photographed by mel brady

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