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Hi, I'm Mel, 61 years young!

Up until June 2020 I spent 30+ years freelancing as a Retail and Advertising Stylist. 


The first Covid lockdown late March 2020 gave me the opportunity to stop and think about what was important to me and how my life would look if I made the decision to leave my styling career to move home to Tassie after 40 years away.  

Closer to family, community & nature.


The past few years I’ve reinvented myself, I feel reconnected to my family, I live with, and care for my mother full time and support my stepmother in my fathers care.

I've become passionate about helping my local community, utilising all my styling skills to work as an assistant manager at Launceston Vinnies opportunity shop.  

Understanding that community has led me back to school, this year I started studying Community Services, 46 years since I was in a classroom..

it's not easy but I'm determined to continue.

AND, I have glorious nature on my doorstep..not that I have a huge amount of time to get out and enjoy it, but, when I do I revel in it.

Essentially the global pandemic helped me find my best self.


My website represents all that I offer today, I love creating digital beauty and still life content, and I'm open to modelling campaigns if your thoughts on embracing age align with mine.  


Let's chat



po box 432, launceston, tasmania 7250


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