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how to stay young

Stay Plump

I know Wallis Simpson said you can never be too thin, but did you know the plumper you are the younger you will look?

The truth is we lose fat from our faces as we age. The plumper we are, the more fat we store in our faces. So if you’re willing to trade your bottom for your face, then this really works.


It’s not a myth that SPF helps protect us from aging. If my skin looks halfway decent for its age, then I have the early use of sunscreen to thank. Protecting your dermis from the sun’s rays every day doesn’t take much effort. I know you feel good when you’re brown, but there are so many tinted moisturisers out there, it’s easy to fake it.


When we’re younger we might be able to stay naturally slim. But, as we age that theory eventually goes out the window. It’s a proven fact aerobic fitness reduces brain tissue loss in aging humans; so exercising gets the endorphins going and the more you do it the more your body’s muscle memory takes over.

Stimulate your Brain

Keep your mind active, too! I read a lot and I tend to jump between books; some are just your everyday fiction, chick lit makes me laugh. But, I also try to stretch my brain with philosophical or scientific tomes.

I’ve been wading through “The Brain that Changes Itself” for years now. It’s teaching me that it’s entirely possible to rewire the way I think and the more I stretch my brain, the sharper it gets.


If your diet is carb filled and heavy, then chances are you are feeling heavy too. As I age, I find my brain and my body are sharper if I watch what I put in my stomach. Only recently I’ve completely changed my diet to let go of those last past bad habits and am being much kinder to myself and more conscious of what I put into it. Cutting down on processed foods and refined sugars can go along way in keeping you healthy into your twilight years.


Laugh! It’s no secret that laughter keeps you young. Researchers have shown that laughing increases circulation to the head and heart and improves our physical and emotional health. Increased blood circulation stimulates our facial muscles so you might even look younger, too! Laughter has so many benefits. Relax, recharge, and laugh to let your mind clear.

Let Go

While we’re talking about clearing one’s mind, I will share my little secret: some people can relax through meditation, but personally I’ve never been able to achieve this. I sing to relax; it clears my mind. It doesn’t have to be melodious nor does need to sound good. Just pay heed that you’re not just singing it, but you’re really feeling it. Choose your song to this end and I swear you’re going to feel much better and lighter. It’s like a weight shifting.

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