Embrace Age interviews Ep 1 Fiona Goldsmith

November 3, 2018



Earlier this year I sat down with a dear friend of mine Dan Brophy to chat all things creative for his podcast Quit your day job.  As we chatted we talked about my modelling and how it had given birth to my side project Embrace Age and how I've been trying to show my peers we have much to look forward to as we grow older.  That leaning into our later lives takes much less energy than trying to hold back the years.  


I waxed lyrical about how I would love to interview other women about how they have embraced age, not only to show our peers but also to share with younger women there is nothing to fear in ageing.


Where does the fear come from?  It's nonsense to believe we can defy-age, isn't it?  The terms anti-ageing and ageless have sprung up to sell us products intent on us living in fear of growing older.

Why?  because there isn't enough value placed on experience? because we only have a place in the world if we are young and beautiful?

There is beauty in Age, there is confidence, strength and wisdom..not to mention the almighty $ power women over the age of 45 influence!  80% and counting to be precise, yet older women are still largely ignored by advertisers.  


I'm certainly not the only one waving the Embrace Age flag worldwide..I've connected with amazing women around the world through Social Media.   Cindy Joseph was one of the few beacons years back when I transitioned my grey hair.  Her Pro-Age revolution is still going strong today (though sadly we lost cindy herself to Cancer only a few months back).

I want to see an army of women shouting out aloud that we embrace every age, we embrace ourselves and each other and that all stages of our lives should be cherished.


So anyway I digress, dear Dan put his head together with Nutra-Life to offer us the opportunity to create content for them ..to do what we had discussed.  It took me a few months to find my women and pin them all down in a room through the course of one day but I did it!  


EPISODE 1 Fiona Goldsmith Wellness Coach/Yogi Fiona Goldsmith from Flexxd yoga   is a ripper, her candour, humour, and her golden insight is exactly what I wanted to uncover through this series.






Thanks to Lynda Gardener for the use of her space

The Apartment St.Kilda    

To Dan Brophy my director and co conspirator 

To Tara Strong my right hand woman

To Tre Dallas for fabulous hair & makeup

and to my wonderful Women.


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