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For women in their 50s, 60s and beyond



Focusing on your myriad of perceived imperfections is pointless. Menopause might have left you with a bit more weight than you've ever had, but accepting the change doesn't mean you can't be your best self. What you fuel your body with should be what works for your body type especially given hormonal fluctuations. Make sure you have regular check ups to see what's going on under your bonnet, heart health, cholesterol, thyroid, the lot! Exercise now is more about strength for life, I'm lifting weights to gain more muscle I'm sure this is key to ageing well into our 60s, 70s and beyond


BEAUTY IS AN ILLUSION, it's confidence people find attractive

Personally, my beauty routine is simple but effective, I'm all about glowing healthy luminous skin. I've grown out my grey too, if you thought about it in your forties but didn't, then now might be the time. No chemicals, no grey roots (they made me feel old) and quite a saving to put towards something more worthwhile.

Many women talk of feeling invisible once they've reached their fifties, I think it should be a liberation. It's everything to understand that you just shouldn't worry about other people's opinions of you and how you look.

It is not a time to go softly softly accepting feeling old, so do what you need to, to feel great about yourself. We have decades ahead, so we owe it to ourselves to be a shining example to our sisters and daughters we are far from done.



Just because you're over 50 doesn't mean you should dress like your great Aunt Mary. It's a time to reaffirm your well-honed personal style, just keep it cool, effortless! By now your wardrobe should be condensed with key pieces that work back to a beautiful capsule, you can add to this as seasons' and trends change, but essential you pare back as you add.

**Recently Helena Christensen was shamed by ex British Vogue editor Alexandra Schulman for wearing a lace bustier with jeans to Gigi Hadids birthday party. Strangely Schulman ripped her to pieces and threw the rest of womankind under the bus for good measure.