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valentines day

Let’s talk about Valentines Day and how it’s changed, no longer just for the ‘coupled’ amongst us.

I think we’ve all moved on from the fact it originally took two to tango!

Nowadays you’ll see some talking about Galentines Day, yes, it means to share with your girlfriends.

Let’s extrapolate that, what about Palentines day..yep sure, you could share it with your friends.

Or, maybe you could just share it with yourself!

I regularly date myself, I dress up, put on some music, pour myself a glass of wine, dance around the living room, and, well it's pretty much a certainty I’m going to end up in bed with myself. Not to make it sound like I’m easy, because I am far from that...

I like to practice self-love, caring for my own sexual wellness is a no brainer.

Being single for as long as I have after 3 long relationships, I’ve plumbed my depths (pardon the pun) got to the bottom (is that another pun) of dissecting past relationships. What went wrong, why I was in them, how I behaved and fundamentally coming to the conclusion I had no real love for myself, therefore I was hard to love. Simple, but I laid blame on my ex's doorsteps for many years, it took time to admit to myself I was the common denominator.

Fourteen years on, I’ve kissed a thousand frogs, and funnily enough, no Prince, debunking the ‘white knight myth’ I grew up with has been one of the most empowering journeys I could ever take.

I’ve made changes, learnt to love myself, worked hard to come to an understanding of my own worth. In fact, placing so much value on myself could be the reason I’m still single, I don’t feel the need to be in a relationship with anyone, or settle for someone just because I'm alone, now I give myself the love I always searched for.

Of course, I’m open to it, I just don’t really look and don’t feel the need to be in a partnership to complete me.

Menopause has helped that too, no longer of childbearing age I don’t feel my ovaries ticking the way they used to, I feel more free to be, just ‘me’.

Recently I started a regular collaboration with The Iconic Beauty, I wanted my first piece for them to be about dating yourself for Valentines..they invited me to choose all the product I wanted from their website to have an amazing Valentines Night with myself.

I was a kid in the proverbial candy shop.

Here’s what I chose.

Napolean Perdis Auto Pilot Radiance-boosing Mask, a luxurious gel mask for the perfect pre-makeup prep, softens and smooths.

Aceology gorgeous Lifting Treatment Gold Mask and then their Cheeky Butt Mask trio, yep it’s a thing and tried all three, hydrate, firm & smooth, I did take photos but they're R rated and quite frankly I don’t need to show you my bum, just trust me when I say they are the business.

Next, I set the mood with a stunning fragrance, Wicks & Stones heavenly Citrine Crystal soy Candle, frankincense, jasmine & mandarin.

I made my bed with the glory that is The Goodnight Co twin silk pillowcase pack 100% pure mulberry queen silk..and for good measure their silk sleep mask.

I smashed on plenty of beautiful hydrating lip comfort oil from Clarins.

Then after dancing around my living room I ended up in bed with a few of the most exhilarating devices from Elixir Play..Ruby and Garnet.

The thing I love about these beautifully resolved toys (aside from the vibrant red they're dressed up in) is they aren't just for women, they can be used by anyone, by you alone, in a partnership or lord knows a group!

So my message to you this Valentines?

Be you single, partnered, or separated from your loved one because of the Global Pandemic, be kind to yourself, spoil yourself and have a wonderful Valentines Eve my friends.

mel x

p.s. I know it's been a while between blog posts, I moved home to Tasmania last June during the Pandemic. I've been busy settling in and reinventing my skillset here, including redesigning my website.

You'll find all these products waiting for you at The Iconic Beauty.