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When Covid hit in 2020, the first lockdown gave me the chance to think about what my life would look like if I moved home to Tassie. 

Firstly it meant stepping away from the 30-year career I built as an advertising stylist, it also meant leaving all the like-minded talented creative souls I’d rubbed shoulders with. There's no I in team, we fulfilled many a brief over the years, some simple others crazy and complicated; but for me, no brief too big or too small to conquer, including working with animals and children, ah at the same time!

I've covered entire houses with Christmas lights for Bunnings and adorned golden arms for Mimco, crawled up hillsides plugging faux flowers into the earth to make it look like a wildflower wonderland for Target. Yep, I've been in tight corners with, and learnt countless skills from so many and am proud to say I passed along those skills by mentoring a dozen other stylists along the way.


Now I've moved to Tassie, though they may be rarer, I'm absolutely open to local styling briefs. I can offer production, casting, location hunting and on set art direction on top of my styling skillset. 

I do hope once we get back to some kind of new normal post covid, I’ll be available for interstate briefs. Stay tuned.

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