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the reimagining

one on one consultation 

Over the years I've employed my own skill as a Stylist to reinvent my personal style, from minimising my wardrobe to what suits me, to honing my interior style to make my home reflect everything that brings me joy.  

I've grown out my grey hair to feel more authentically me and over the past few years constantly tried new skincare, beauty tools and makeup techniques to feel current.

Since moving home this past year I've reimagined myself lock stock and barrel...from where I live and what I do to feel closer to my best self.  Taking a good long look into the mirror I've plumbed the depths of who I am, how I fit in, what's important..letting go fear of judgement, stepping into self confidence to me, has meant a greater sense of happiness.

All of this reimagination has gone a long way to making me feel like my mid years are going to be my best years.  

Shedding the past and stepping into a happier future is something I think I could help you with too!

This idea is in it's infant stages, will it be local?  Can I help over zoom?  I'm not sure..

Initially I''m looking for women to volunteer to chat with.. to see how my experience in helping myself might help YOU.

It could be personal style, hair, skincare, makeup advice or how to edit or declutter your home to helping you find the courage to change your life completely.

Email me for more details or DM me on Instagram

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