"A shift in thinking can make
all the difference to your life!"

Five years ago my silver hair led me from behind the scenes as a stylist to being in front of the camera.  Early on I was asked to strip down and rock a bikini along with 5 women less than half my age, at 53 I'd been conditioned to think I was too old, it took a complete shift in my thinking to own it that day.  To my surprise the image went viral turning into one of those “Look who’s wearing a Bikini” moments…what made it into one of those moments?  

Simple, It struck a cord, a woman in her fifties having fun looking youthful and confident in her skin.  Not something we were used to seeing in the world of advertising.

From that moment I realised my mission was “To be what I wanted to see in the world” to show my peers that we weren't invisible past  ‘a certain age'.  I wanted to show that women my age are a new breed, confident and comfortable in our skins, with little time or inclination to worry about others opinions of us


The past few years I’ve dug deep, standing in front of the mirror and the camera to acknowledge what I love about who I am and how I look.  I've really gone under the bonnet to fine-tune myself, by overhauling my skincare routine, my wardrobe, my diet and my attitude. I’m streamlined now and more confident than I have ever been!   AND it feels good!!

I've spent the past few years writing, researching and discovering how other women have done the same.

It's led me to wonder how I could go about empowering those who don’t share the same confidence some of us possess.   I am sure that if we raise an army of older self possessed women we would be showing our sisters and daughters there is nothing to fear from ageing but much to look forward to.  


March 11, 2018

Do you make time in your everyday life to show some self-care and love?

It’s easy to forget this when your list of things to do can be overwhelming.

If you know how and when to press pause and actually  

create mechanisms to help you relax when you need to, it c...

January 13, 2018

Have you been dyeing your hair for decades?

Do you see your regrowth 3 days after covering it?

Has it ever crossed your mind what is actually going on under there?

Are you constantly perusing pinterest pinning images of women who have embraced their silvers?  Does your he...

December 26, 2017

1.  Don’t obsess over who you were, look forward to who you can be..

 So far from my research into our opinions of ourselves about Embracing Age I have come to learn it may be more difficult to adjust to growing older if you have been told all your life you are beautifu...

When I was 16, my mother caught me fussing in the mirror worrying about finding my first grey hair and she sat me down and gave me some stupendously simple advice:

“Take a step away from the mirror, girl. For goodness sakes, look at your bigger picture: how smart and ki...

April 3, 2017

1. Reinvent yourself.

I think its important to reinvent yourself every decade or so, often the older we get the more we have on our plate so eventually we just don’t make the time to pay attention to our own style we once did.

If you can open up your wardrobe and see thi...

December 19, 2016

Stay Plump

I know Wallis Simpson said you can never be too thin, but did you know the plumper you are the younger you will look?

The truth is we lose fat from our faces as we age. The plumper we are, the more fat we store in our faces.   So if you’re willing to trade you...

October 12, 2016

1. My secret weapon.

There’s one outfit that never ever fails to make me look amazing. It never goes out of style. I’ve been doing it for decades now and it always get compliments. Denim jeans and a crisp white shirt. Dress it up with big hair, bling and sky-high heels...

August 1, 2016

As much as I embrace all things that come with aging, like my silver mane of hair or my little laugh lines, there is one thing I find to be entirely annoying – losing my near vision.

Up until the age of 42, my vision was perfection. I could read the tiniest print with e...

July 13, 2016

Have you always looked after your skin? 

Yes, even though as a child I never got pimples, my skin was dry and I had lots of freckles. I can remember buying age spot remover cream from the chemist to try and remove them, I hated them so much. My mum discovered the cream...

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