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Up until last year I spent 25 years freelancing as a Retail and Advertising Stylist out of Melbourne.

Seven or so years ago my natural silver hair led me in front of the camera to model, as a stylist, I had rarely seen older women represented youthfully in advertising, so I viewed this as an opportunity to be what I wanted to see in the world, thus showing my peers we weren't invisible, especially in advertising. I joined an agency and started accepting more modelling jobs, but only if the role represented me as the vital youthful midlife woman I was. Indeed, I did break boundaries, I went viral wearing a bikini for Target, then continued to model swimwear and lingerie for their 'Yay for Every Body' campaigns.

So thankful the experience led me to found my passion project, Embrace Age, showing my peers our mid-life demographic shouldn't be slinking into old age but living life with authenticity and confidence. 

A few years back I started to collaborate with beauty brands to shoot content of myself for social media, since moving back to Tasmania last year this has gone from strength to strength. So many brands now realise women in mid-life are a huge market and are tired of being told to defy age. Embracing Age has become a reality, the knock-on effect for me is exciting! We're showing our sisters, daughters, brothers and sons there is so much to look forward to in ageing.

Okay, Okay, does that seem like a lot? ​

Well, I'm a firm believer in the use of the word "Generalist: "a person whose knowledge, aptitudes, and skills are applied to a field as a whole or to a variety of different fields."


In other words, one skill leads to another, at 59 I've continued to add so many creative strings to my bow.​​

Which, leads me to where I am today, back in Tasmania and open to discussing beauty collaborations & content creation, yes I'm still available to model or style if the brief is right. You can find links to all my work up there in the menu.


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Mel was wonderful to work with! Created work swiftly and to a high standard, even compiling a folder of images for us to use on Dropbox. Would work with Mel again and recommend her :)

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